• Jan 20, 2016
  • California

Before the commencement of summer vacations, children will have fun and activity sessions where they would learn about Indoor and outdoor activities, healthy eating habits, physical activities, Painting, Manners and etiquettes.

Animal Kingdom

In this game, we encouraged children to hop like frogs or walk like penguins. Replicating the movements of different animals not only helps them physically but also teaches them a little about the animals they are imitating.

Jumping Jacks

In this activity, children were encouraged to do at least 20 of these to help tire them out and drain some of their energy. Not just that, but jumping jacks are a well-known and highly beneficial exercise for everybody.


Spin painting is such a fun painting activity for preschoolers as well as older children! So we assist them to enjoy this activity using various colors.

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