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Manners and Etiquettes

Good manners and etiquettes are basic foundation for leading a good life. Every child deserves a best start in life, and educating them about the basic manners is a must. These should be inculcated among children at an early stage, so that it becomes their habit. Knowing about the basic manners of how to speak with respect to elders and fellow friends will help these kids to socialize in a better. This will further result in making their life’s better as they will become good speakers and listeners. They should be taught about the very basic things like:

  • How to eat and not to waste the food.
  • How to greet everyone..
  • When to use “please” and “thank you”.
  • How to talk to elders.
  • About road safety, meaning of Red, Yellow & Green lights and other basic manners.

These few tips definitely help a toddler build confidence and grow in life as he will feel himself as the part of society. As an individual one must spread the knowledge and help making this world a better place to live. Take out some time and join us to enlighten these kids to make their life’s better and successful. Drop us a mail at : rpsbhandari@yahoo.com, puneet.mal@gmail.com, skp@socialsoft4u.com Or call at 91-9316224422,+91-9646388359,0172-4802781

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