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School not only enlightensstudents with the knowledge but also play an important role in building their personality. The knowledge gained from school remains with a person forever and hence, it is very important for teachers to instil good habits and tell students about ways to keep personal hygiene. At our school students are informed timely regarding various ways to maintain their hygiene like:

  • To wash hands with soap before eating.
  • To brush teeth daily in the morning & at night.
  • To bathe daily.
  • To wear clean clothes.
  • To keep the nails trimmed.
  • To keep their surroundings clean & many other

We make our students practice all the possible hygiene habits so as they become a part of their lives. Our sole motive is to make every student lead a successful and happy life in every aspect. We welcome guest lectures that would help shape good characters of our students, even the videos containing the same content can be sent. We teach our students through smart classes & the videos help them learn better.

For any kind of information drop us a call at 0172-4802781, puneet.mal@gmail.com, skp@socialsoft4u.com

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