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Donate Gifts

Everyone needs love and care in this world. The motive behind this thought is to realise that we are not rich and they are not poor. The only difference is God has given us a thoughtful Mind and a conscious Soul. We are not giving anything but spreading happiness in the form of any gift items which can be Stationary Items, Gifts, Sweets, Cakes, Clothes, Utensils etc. Make sure that all these items are in good condition if its gifts or clothes and fresh if its eatables because its not lending but extending happiness from our door to thiers.


Donate cash

Donating money does not mean that we are making them dependable or inactive. The main purpose of this donation is that you can take charge of any student for his/er future education. This can be done by physically meeting or through internet if you are in far away place. The complete summary of your money and where it is expensed shall be sent to you. The transparency of the process shall be assured at every step. The same practice had been followed by many people and number of students had been benefited by this act of kindness.



Take Classes

Take Class Any one can add value to children’s life by taking class either physically if you belong to that area or virtually from any part of the world.

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